Present - Dirt 5


Can’t share anything at the moment.

Team: Codemasters • Platform: PC, Stadia, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X • Tools: C++, Custom • Location: UK

2017 to 2020 - VR game (cancelled)


I left Greece and moved to the UK to work on an ambitious VR title which after a few years, was cancelled. I worked on some cool things which I am (unfortunately) not allowed to share.

Team: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe - Manchester Studio • Platform: PS4 • Tools: C+, UE4 • Location: UK

2016 - Spartan Engine

I had to “finish” this project within a year so I could use it as a ticket ouf of Greece and into a well known studio/company. To achieve this, I did 100+ work hour weeks, that’s about 14 hours per day, every day.

As of today, it’s one of the most complete, one-man, open-source game engines on GitHub. For a detailed description, source code and binaries, click here to visit the GitHub page.

Team: Solo • Platform: PCTools: Yes • Location: Everywhere, all the time

2016 – Car Simulation Experiments


An attempt to create a realistic car simulation using physics and variations of Pacejka’s tire friction formula.

Team: Solo • Platform: PC • Tools: C#, Unity • Location: Greece

2015 – Da Vinci’s Ornithopter


An infinite runner with RPG elements, mini-games and some ok art. It was basically a second take at Da Vinci’s Flying Machine. After 6 months of development, I realised that this idea needed a programmer, an artist, a designer and a sound engineer. So the project was put on hold.

Team: Solo • Platform: PC • Tools: C#, Unity (with NGUI) • Location: Greece

2015 – The Screen Space


A short game developed with Kickback Studios (creators of Lost Echo) as a Ludum Dare entry. I implemented the player’s controls, a jetpack mechanic and a rope-bucket mechanic that acted as a grappling hook. All of these mechanics were physics based.

Team: Kickback Studios • Platform: PCTools: C#, Unity • Location: Greece

2014 – Dementia – Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finalist, Redmond, Washington, US


Dementia was a turn-based table game with RPG elements that we used as an entry for Imagine Cup, a world-wide competition that promotes student entrepreneurship. I implemented the user interface, artificial intelligence, path-finding and did most of the gameplay programming among other things. The development was a never-ending crunch, the atmosphere in the team was chaotic and despite all that, here we were, sleep deprived, wondering around Microsoft HQ in Redmond as world-wide finalists. A unique experience that helped grow in more ways than I expected.


Team: Genesis Game Studios • Platform: PC • Tools: C#, Unity (with NGUI) • Location: Greece

2014 – Website


A website I got up and running (including studio logo design) while being part of Genesis Game Studios. Our team started to gain some attention so we thought it was time to boost our online presence.

Team: Genesis Game Studios • Platform: WordPress • Tools: Microsoft Azure • Location: Greece

2014 – Hexcraft


A simple tile based puzzle game. I implemented the UI and the online leaderboards.

Team: Genesis Game Studios • Platform: Windows Store • Tools: C#, Unity, Microsoft Azure • Location: Greece

2014 – 2D Audio Mixer


The dot in the circle is an audio listener, all the other dots are audio sources. The distance between the audio listener and an audio source is the volume. A spatial approach to audio mixing. This was a free app geared towards building a Windows Store portfolio.

Team: Solo • Platform: Windows StoreTools: C#, Unity (with NGUI), Visual Studio • Location: Greece

2014 – Encircle the rat


A turn-based game where you simply try to encircle a rat. The rat uses A* pathfinding. This was a free game geared towards building a Windows Store portfolio.

Team: Solo • Platform: Windows Store • Tools: C#, Unity (with NGUI) • Location: Greece

2012 - Da Vinci’s Flying Machine


An infinite runner inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci, developed as part of a Microsoft Hackathon which took place in Athens. Despite being made in a few days, It won 4th place, best splash screen, and did well in the Windows Store as a paid game. This little game bought me a gaming PC and was the first lesson on how to craft a product.

Team: Solo • Platform: Windows Store • Tools: C#, MonoGame, Farseer Physics • Location: Greece

2012 - Kinect Experimentations

A basic renderer which consumed Kinect data in order to determine where to place a virtual camera.

Team: Solo • Platform: PC • Tools: C#, XNA • Location: Greece

2011 - AV8


A collaboration between me, two fellow students and professor Omiros Iatrellis, on a project that enabled control of a PC using Kinect. It was developed using the Kinect Beta SDK and it was one of the very first advanced Kinect applications at the time. The project was a success and attracted the attention of the local academic community and press.

Team: University • Platform: PC • Tools: C#, Kinect SDK • Location: Greece

2011 - Lucky ball-aki


A magic 8-ball game with a name that only makes sense in Greek (ouch). A custom physics library and some accelerometer input made this straight forward game one of the winners at an app development competition organized by my university. The prize was a windows phone, good times.

Team: Solo • Platform: Windows Phone • Tools: C#, XNA, Custom physics library • Location: Greece

2009 - Project Cocktail 😄


Me and El Duderino


Not me



As a high school student, I didn’t have to do anything but after receiving my Certificate of Proficiency in English by the University of Michigan, I decided to get a job as a bartender/waiter. Mainly to practice my english in real-life scenarios and have fun, but most of all because I’ve always believed that hard work builds character. So chances are that if you visited Zakynthos, Greece during that period, I was the guy serving you your refreshing cold beverage 😄

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